Game Design Challenge

I think a lot during my free time, and so that I’m not wasting all those brain cells for nothing I put some of the effort in making concepts for Game Career Guide’s Game Design Challenge which gives out a new theme every two weeks. You don’t have to make a complete game, just a rough concept(500 words or less). I do it as an exercise for creative thinking and because it is fun. So here are my entries to the Game Design challenge. I know  game concepts are just that and completed games are better but just to give people some idea how my mind works here’s my first entry:

Click Away!:The Game of Fashion Photography

Theme: One Button Control

Game Design Challenge Best Entry

In “Click Away!” the player takes the role of a photographer in the fashion industry. He starts out as a low paying photographer in a small studio and as he gets better at his job goes into better studios.

The game play is simple, at any given level he will have a maximum amount of photographs, and when the maximum number of photos is reached the level ends. Also depending on the level criteria will be given. They can be adjectives:Happy, sad etc, or verbs: jumping, smiling, waving.

These criteria will be given to the player at the start of the level. When the game begins a model will be in front of the players camera and the model will start doing a series of poses, at this point all the player has to do is to shoot his camera by pushing the button to take pictures.

Taking a picture of the model in one of poses described in the criteria given at the start of the level will earn the player bonus points. If the player times his camera shots well(a few seconds after the pose) he gets additional bonus points.

Now, the player may decide to take his time and just wait for the right poses, this won’t do because each model has a patience meter. If a number of seconds pass and the player is not taking any pictures the model will become frustrated and the player gets a deduction of points.

At the end of the level, the player’s photographs are evaluated and points are rewarded depending on their quality. Levels have different themes like:Men’s Magazine, Women’s Magazine, Health, Business etc and each theme will have their own criteria.



and my second entry:



Resort Rush:Los Banos

Theme:Home Sweet Home

Game Design Challenge Best Entry

A brief description of my hometown

Los Banos is a small town in the province of Laguna in the Philippines. It is home to the University of the Philippines at Los Banos, one of the most prestigious universities in the developing country. It is well known for many of it’s bath houses and in the summer months hordes of tourist visit the town and its surrounding areas to have some fun. The main mode of transportation are the jeepneys which are hired by the tourists to bring them to the bath houses. I wanted to capture this aspect(the influx of tourists) of Los Banos in developing the concept for this game.


It is the year 2025 and you are the Los Banos Navigation Entity(LBNavE), a satellite and an artificial intelligence tasked with directing vehicle traffic in the small town of Los Banos and its vicinities. It is the annual summer resort rush and you must direct jeepneys to pick up passengers and take them to businesses in the area.


Using your fingers(for mobile devices) or the mouse, drag paths for the Jeepneys appearing in the screen. Jeepneys are empty at the beginning(and have limited seating capacity) so you must pass by passengers who automatically board the jeepney. Jeepneys which have passengers can then be directed to active(highlighted) businesses in the map. Once the quota of customers of a business has been reached, it will upgrade and release money which can then be used to activate inactive businesses in the map. However when a business has upgraded, its customers will reset to 0 and its upgrade requirement. will increase(but it will release more money). Thus the game gets harder and harder as the game progresses.

The Challenge

The game’s challenge will come from the player “juggling” the jeepney’s in the screen. During gameplay, the player will direct the jeepneys to get passengers, take them to active businesses, activate dormant businesses, use money to get special abilities like slowing down time. etc. One of the main obstacles in the game however are the robbers which will rob the passengers if allowed to board the jeepneys. To deal with robber, the player must direct the jeepney to avoid them,shoot them(a special ability) or take them to the police station. Tourist passengers will also have a patience meter which get depleted over time and will leave if they do not reach their destination before it reaches 0. There is also the possibility of crashes if jeepneys cross each other’s paths.


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