Game Festival Lessons

After the games festival I just noticed that all of the lectures that I went to are about game design, far from my original plan to attend all of them. Too bad it wasn’t possible because they were all happening at the same time. Now I’m rummaging through my notes to see the most important(core) lessons I’ve learned during the event:

From Emotion Engineering:

-Your game must be remembered. This can be achieved through the use of narrative, game mechanics, visuals and audio to immerse the user in your game.

From Common Misconceptions about Game Design:

-Working with team mates and self discipline is important for a games designer. Ideas are cheap, execution is king. Good ideas can still ruin a game with bad implementation.

From Designing Casual Games: The Boomzap method:

-Design for your target market and not for yourself. Keep story simple and playable. Designing games for 50+ years old women is way different from designing games for hardcore gamers.

From How to Get Your Game Out There:

-Find good partners who you can trust to market your games.




One thought on “Game Festival Lessons

  1. Additional notes on emotion engineering:

    There should be breathtaking moments.. outdoor scenes?

    To make something memorable, it has to be distinct

    Use sights and sounds to set the mood properly… intro narrative, backdrops, ambient sound, lighting (or lack thereof), scene composition, camera location (bird’s eye view, establishing shot, worm’s eye view)

    Teach by showing consequence, show a character (not necessarily the player character) getting the result of his choice, to hint the player that things work that way

    Allow the game to let the player decide by doing an action, not everything needs a dialogue option. This is usually the avenue of the silent protagonist

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