Egg Oh!

Egg Oh!(Mochigames):

I had qualms putting this game up here. But its the first game I’ve finished when I’ve finally decided to stick to a project until the end. Its a simple game as expected from a first game. I got the idea after reading Casual Game Design:Designing Play for the Gamer in All of Us by Gregory Trefry. According to the author, one of the quirks of humans is to sort things, into colors and other known patterns. I wanted to try this out in the game. Truth be told, I really imagined how the game would play on a mobile device rather than on a pc screen thus the repetitive game play. I imagined the player using his finger to juggle the eggs on the screen and then sort them afterwards which is a hard thing to do with a mouse. I Would still love to try this idea out on a mobile device though.


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