Alternatdev(alternative) Game Journal

Hello! I’m Tristan Angeles an aspiring game designer/indie developer from the Philippines and this is  a journal about my journey and exploration into game development. I am a graduate of BS Development Communication(major in Development Journalism) from the University of the Philippines at Los Banos, but as of the present I have no plans of pursuing a career in that field. I got like fifty to sixty good years ahead of me and right now I want to spend the better part of that doing something that I like.

Why Alternatdev(say it really fast)? Its short for Alternative Development because in school we were taught to use radio and newspapers but not games. If there is one thing I got from my schooling it is infusing my output withe a “developmental” angle, that is, for me giving people information so that they can make informed choices to better their lives. Well, that is the long term plan but now  I want to concentrate on fun to gain experience and get into the game industry.

Another reason for Alternative Development is that I like experimental games. For those unfamiliar with experimental games take a look at this: and this: .

So I’ve put up this temporary blog to show people some of the things I’ve done and why I’ve done it that way, and as an aspiring game designer to someday show potential employers/clients that I’m capable of executing ideas and not just making a game design document. This is not a portfolio by the way, just a place to put some of my indie/personal projects. So in this blog you’ll find mostly prototypes of games I’ve made in my spare time and various rapid prototyping game competitions that I’ve joined( and will be joining soon). I’ll also be posting some game ideas that I haven’t tested yet because I still lack the programming skills to execute them(so I’ll be making paper prototypes then). I have a two board games in the works which I started early in the year(but life got in the way) one is called “Flight of the Annunaki”, a sci fi themed game which has negotiation and bidding mechanics, and the other is “Tavern Keeper” a game in which you take the role of a tavern keeper and your customers are warriors,wizards etc.

As you can see its not all about video games. I’m interested in all kinds of games.:) The problem with me is that I am artistically challenged and color blind.

Disclaimer: To people reading this I am not an expert in this field. I have no formal schooling in game design or programming (in which I’m entirely self taught) yet but I  might take up a course soon if time permits. Someone from the IGDA told me that you learn game design through experience and that’s what I’m trying to do. If I get some design concepts wrong please correct me and I’ll be grateful.


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