My first post about game ideas, I’ll follow up with some of my entries from the
challenges soon. I’m looking at this in retrospect since I had no idea about game design when I was a kid. We just made games. It was easier then since we only made games for ourselves and we changed the rules..err mechanics I mean, when it suited us. We made games that were fun for us to play. I remember when my Dad bought me and my brother the old Birthright campaign setting for Dungeons and Dragons second ed., we lacked the Player’s handbook, and the Dungeon Masters guide so we played using made up house rules but even then we had fun and we still talk about some of those “adventures” from years back. Okay so I’m getting off topic here but I guess what I mean is, looking back, we were “designing” and didn’t even know about it! So here is one of the games we made( which was copied by other kids mind you):


Theme: This is a game that I can say we made using an intellectual property approach(LOL) to design. Its based on the “Candy Man” horror movie in the 90s. For those unfamiliar with it, the movie is about a killer who appears if you mention”candy man” three times in front of a mirror, and he can only be defeated if you can find and break his mirror.

Mechanics: The game is a variation of tag. One of the players is the candy man and he hides a piece of broken glass around our house. The other players shout “candy man” three times which signal the beginning of the game. The candy man tries to “kill” all the players by chasing them around our house and “tagging” them while the other players try to find the mirror to defeat the candy man. Its a simple game really.

Dynamics: The best I can come up with is survival since all the players are trying to survive the the Candy man’s onlsaught.


Why the game was fun: Some parts of our house had tight corners and a lot of places for the candyman to hide and trap the players. Players would try to outrun each other to get into the tight passages since only one person can pass through them at a time this added an element of excitement to the game.

What I would change:  The candyman should give clues to the victim’s so that at least they have some idea where to start searching.

Overall player experience: Fear and paranoia(you never know when the candyman will appear but you can use your friend as cannon fodder) and lots and lots of bruises and scratches from tripping.;p

I’d play this again if I wasn’t too old to run around the house.


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